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Frequently Asked Questions

  • For Clients

  • How do I request for a tutor?

    You can fill up the Request Tutor Form or call us at +65 8282 9221. We will try our best to get you a tutor within a day!

  • Do I have to pay for any service fees to find a tutor?

    No, our service is free of charge for parents/students. You are only required to pay for the commission payment on behalf of the tutor, which will be deducted in your payment of tuition fees for the first month to them.

  • What are the tuition rates charged by tutors?

    All tuition rates are quoted on an hourly basis by individual tutors. The rate charged by tutor will depends on their tutor category, qualification, experience and other factors. You can check out our tuition rates guide for the average rates quoted by our tutors for the past 6 months to decide on a tutor category!

  • How can i verify the tutor’s qualifications?

    Upon your request, tutors are instructed to bring along their most recent education transcripts and certificates on the 1st lesson. They are also required to upload their certificates for verification when registering with us.

  • What can i do if the tutor is not suitable after the tuition commence?

    If the tutor is not suitable, you can inform us and we will get you a new replacement tutor immediately at no cost. However, you still have to pay for the lessons that have been conducted.

  • How much do i have to pay on behalf of the tutor?

    The commission payment charged on the tutor will be 50% of the first month tuition fees. The first month usually refer to the first 4 weeks of lessons conducted.

  • When do i have to make the payment?

    We will collect the payment upon the completion of the first lesson. The remaining tuition fees will be paid to the tutor on the last lesson of the first month or on an agreed upon date. On subsequent month, you will make the tuition fees payment directly to the tutor.

  • How do I make the payment?

    Payment can be made to us through a bank transfer or a cheque payment. Please drop us a sms or email after the payment have been made with the transaction details.

  • For Tutors

  • How can i register to become a tutor?

    To register with us, you are required to fill up the Become a Tutor Form on our website. If you have any enquiries do email or contact us directly.

  • Do I have to pay to register as a tutor?

    No, registration is free of charge . You will only be charged for the commission payment upon confirmation of an assignment.

  • What are the requirements to be a qualified tutor?

    You need to be at least 16 years of age, hold at least an o'level qualifications and above.

  • How much is the commission payment?

    The commission payment will be 50% of the first month tuition fees (usually the first 4 weeks of lessons). In the event of any postponement or delay for the first month, we will still collect 50% of the tuition fees as commission.

  • How are the commission payment made?

    We will collect the commission payment directly from the client upon the completion of the first lesson. You will receive the remaining tuition fees on the last lesson of the first month or on an agreed date. On subsequent months, you will collect your tuition fees directly from the client.

  • How do i apply for tuition assignments?

    Our friendly coordinators will sms you whenever there is any assignments suitable for you. The sms will include details of the assignment which you can apply for. To apply, simply reply to the sms with the assignment no, your personal details, qualifications, experience and availability. We will also post certain tuition assignments on our facebook page, so do follow us for updates.

  • What is the minimum commitment period i have to comply with?

    Tutor are obliged to commit to conduct at least 4 weeks of lessons. Although tutors are not legally bound to the commitment period, we expect tutors to uphold integrity and responsibility in complying to the agreed upon commitments.

  • What happen if i have to terminate the tuition assignment within the first month?

    If the tuition assignment is terminated before the first month commitment period, the commission payment of 50% will still be charged on the number of lessons completed.

  • Is my personal information kept confidential?

    To increase your chances of getting an assignment, ensure your profile on our website is complete with relevant information about you. Such as upload your certificates and putting in effort to write up a good teaching experience or information about you. Also, do reply promptly when you receive a sms on the assignment you are keen.

  • How can i increase my chances of getting an assignment?

    Yes, all tutor personal information are strictly kept confidential. You are also given the option to change the privacy of your profile on our website.